My Experience as a Communication Technologies student

Communication Technologies was a great class. It was also extremely important to discuss these topics before entering the work world. I am convinced that there will soon be a social media class on campus. These types of technology have spread faster than anything ever has in the communications world. I enjoyed having the chance to get aquatinted with blogging and using Twitter as a tool to promote the things I wrote in my blog. I also enjoyed having the chance to survey people for the research project. Getting out there and getting information from people rather than reading about somebody else’s survey is a good experience. In fact, I would suggest making it a requirement that people do some type of survey for their research project…even if its just a questionnaire handed out to ten people. The Ironic thing is that I used my Facebook Inbox to send out the questionnaires.


About sethclayton87

I am a journalism student at UW-Whitewater. I graduate in May 2011.
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