“The Political Power of Social Media” By: Clay Shirky

The Political Power of Social Media | Foreign Affairs

The recent events in Egypt have marked the first time that Social Media was used as a tool to overthrow a government. However, it was interesting to see that texting was used in this same way in 2001, when nobody could have imagined that technology could be used to get a political figure impeached or gather an astronomical amount of protestors. The purpose of social media is to connect people. When somebody puts a message out, it automatically receives more attention on Facebook and Twitter than through any other medium. If a few people re-post your message and a few of their “friends” re-post the message, hundreds of thousands of people can see it in less than 5 minutes. I didn’t hear about the protests in Madison by watching the news. I saw pictures, articles and status posts on Facebook.


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I am a journalism student at UW-Whitewater. I graduate in May 2011.
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