Village Phone

Five Important Elements of this Story:

1. Morals

2. Social media/internet

3. Determination/motivation

4. NYPD Public Relations

5. Justice

“It takes a Village to find a Phone” is a story about a moral dilemma in which a girl named Sasha takes a phone that doesn’t belong to her.  Rather than returning it, when Evan, the owners friend asks her, Sasha mouths off to him and texts him verbal threats. Evan uses social media to put out the information that he has about Sasha. (her name, pictures she took on the phone and the texts she sent) He includes his story about the moral dilemma of somebody taking something that doesn’t belong to them and refusing to give it back.  This story has a universal theme and social media was relatively new at the time so thousands of people began to follow it.  People tracked Sasha down via Myspace and eventually the story became so big, it received national coverage.  Millions of people were now following the blogging, including major news sources. Under the pressure of the public eye, the NYPD was forced to act on the crime and justice was finally served. However this story raised many questions about the danger of social media and how somebody’s reputation can be tarnished in other, undeserving, situations.  Still, I think that this was innovative of Evan and it shows that he is just smarter and more motivated than somebody who would just let the phone go. He deserved justice and when he didn’t get it, he utilized an option of the 21st century.  Since then we have seen many videos go viral and develop cult followings all around the world.  Now, it is simply a common part of our culture.



About sethclayton87

I am a journalism student at UW-Whitewater. I graduate in May 2011.
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