Clay Shirky

YouTube – Clay Shirky: How cellphones, Twitter, Facebook can make history

Clay Shirky’s presentation is about the use of internet, social media and search engine optimization within journalism. He argues that citizen journalism is taking over and amateurs are replacing the professional role of the watchdog. The watchdog role keeps an eye on the government and breaking news. The professional media is no longer trustworthy, however, we trust amateurs because they represent the people.

Barrack Obama used social media to rally a large number of voters in the 2008 election. When he disagreed with a stance of many of his own supporters, he issued a press release stating that he would not change his stance on the issue.  Still, the campaign did not try to hide the page or take measures to shut it down.  This helped to boost Obama’s image as the “people’s president.”  The 2008 election proved that professionals can utilize these types of media as well.  It is free advertising that gets more attention from the public than TV, radio commercials and other forms of media. The best part is that companies are able to see how many people have clicked on their ads to determine which campaigns were successful.

The media landscape has been changed forever and now the focus is how to utilize this change in a positive and productive way.


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I am a journalism student at UW-Whitewater. I graduate in May 2011.
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